Truth Hurts

by Tragic Vision

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TRUTH HURTS ha sido grabado y mezclado en TUTU ESTUDIOS (Corvera, Asturias) durante los meses de Abril y Mayo de 2016 y masterizado en AUDIOSIEGE (Portland, USA) durante el mes de Octubre de ése mismo año. El diseño del álbum ha corrido a cargo de Cos of Death (info).
TRAGIC VISION somos Carlos Rodríguez y Sergio Diez a las guitarras, Javier García al bajo, Marco Valera a la batería y Javier Sampedro a la voz.


released November 22, 2016




Tragic Vision Gijón, Spain

Tragic Vision es una banda de hardcore/metal nacida en Asturias durante 2009. Discografía: Demo 2009
"Nothing to leave behind" EP (2011)Negactivity LP(2014)

Tragic Vision is a hardcore/metal band formed in Asturias(Spain) in 2009. Discography: Demo 2009
"Nothing to leave behind" EP (2011)Negactivity LP(2014)
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Track Name: Brightest Day
sun is not shining today the rain is falling hard today could be your fucking chance follow your own way brightest day (today could be your) you do not have to look back so ask to yourself how many times have you felt your neck freezing fear brightest day (today could be your) have no shame to show the world what you are what you really want make it count no despair over and over you will do it again no despair your time will never end your time is like a fucking flame that never goes out
Track Name: For God & High School
from their high school to the shrine happy lucky life sweet conservatism perpetuates their noble blood raise a family a fucking classist home no god take care of you your money and your rules the breed deceit no god take care of you it is a fucking high school or a social class natural selection shameful brand new start business man lawyer crap I do not envy you when time has passed you will bury too this is how it works for god and high school
Track Name: This World Is Not For Us
this world is not for us we are blind what is right are you feeling angry are you feeling cheated living in eternal apocaliptic dream escaping from reality can you feel the bitter fucking taste of life human without conscience no one really cares I condemned to repair what we did to return the respect the fucking respect sing along bro! we have no one no one to trust
Track Name: The Traces Of National Catholicism
waving flags remember the dark the cruelest nightmare harsh times how to forget knocking freedom and feeding hate the cruelest nightmare harsh times how to forget erasing the past and hiding the truth leading us blind under our feet are lying the bones of men with no name we can not forget this country is full of shit the traces of national Catholicism still is hard to forget and forgive
Track Name: Truth Hurts
(cold world truth hurts) and we feel the strangle (of thousand hands) no way for the honest( cold world truth hurts) growing burning anger here we go(cold world truth hurts) we fell to the deepness (cold world truth hurts) we rise full of knowledge (cold world truth hurts) no way for the honest raise crows who peck your eyes raise crows who peck your eyes your guts your fucking tongue trough the pain and suffering truth comes to light sooner or later it will truth really hurts will comeback
Track Name: Born To Sink
I wonder if we are here to throw away our sweet our effort pictures of an abandon ship reflects our feelings there is only one thing we can dream a better life for those who come little boy strip the anchor born to sink born to fall out and run over this broad and fearsome sea we put our hopes but what we are getting in return is a cold knife stab we have no fear to sink we have no fear to sail against the wind born to sink is the cross we bear in memory of the drown and those to come
Track Name: Everything Must Burn
have no regrets feel the fire crossing through your body eyes are burning like a torch rotten system rotten people no glory for the victims all has an end have no regrets have no fear eyes are burning what we create everything must burn forever dead everything must burn burn fire no future to this painful world through destruction is how we learn time has come now fire will do the rest this is what we deserve everything must burn it is how we better learn the gift that we deserve
Track Name: La Cofradia del Infierno
tradición sangrienta y ancestral víctimas de la ciega devoción la creencia en el dolor paso ligero desde el infierno cuchillos y fuego un ultimo adios ruedan cabezas de los costaleros cruz invertida por vuestro señor puedo escuchar el llanto de las madres mil antorchas de puro color rojo sangre alumbran la procesión de la muerte sin perdón como rebaños sin cabeza oprimidos y encadenados a vivir bajo el filo de la iglesia sus mentiras sus tragedias.